Letters from a French Village by Zalin Grant

Zalin Grant’s Letters from a French Village is pretty interesting stuff. Grant is an American living in a village in France.¬† He is a great guide to the food and culture of France. Thanks Zalin! I especially like his write-up on oysters and foie gras. http://www.pythiapress.com/letters/fete.htm

In Zalin Grant’s own words,¬† “each Letter revolves around the daily lifestyle of people in a small French village a thousand years old. Luckily, things haven’t changed much over the centuries when it comes to food, wine, and good living.

You can check out Zalin Grant’s website at:



Pate from Trader Joe’s

I usually buy either the mushroom or the duck liver pate by LES TROIS PETITS COCHONS. I usually pick it up from Trader Joe’s. It in no way can compete with fresh premium Foie Gras, which should only be eaten on a special occasion anyway. This pate really hits the spot for more of an everyday type fix. It’s produced in Brooklyn!


Foie Gras Mag

The Official Foie Gras Magazine


Get fabulous Foie Gras Recipes from Rougie


Enjoy Foie Gras

On the website www.enjoyfoiegras.com you can get a full breakdown of all types of Foie Gras, caviar, pates and there is a recipe blog too.

SWEET SAILOR Pyjamas – Etam

I just adore these pajamas.

International Bra Size and Clothing Converters

These are handy websites for international online shopping  or Shopping abroad.

This one converts your bra size to French, European, Australian, Japanese ( just to name a few) size systems. Pretty cool!


Women’s clothing size converter


Other helpful sites with a conversion guide



Let’s go shopping girls:)

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